Go From ZERO Business Idea To Knowing EXACTLY Who You Help, How You Help Them and What Your First Program Will Be...

Even If You're Multi-Passionate and Cringe At "Niching Down"


Are you multi-passionate & confused on what the heck your profitable "THING" is?

Does the thought of niching down make you feel frustrated because you know you have so much to offer that niching feels like being in box and super limited?

Join the club - you're in the right place!

I get it... you have lots pf passions and a big heart to boot - you want to do it all & help everyone & their grandma!

Unfortunately, If you don't focus, you'll be spinning your wheels getting nowhere FAST! And aren't you tired of not having the success you want?

If you want to help people (and get paid well for it), you have to make sales, and the easiest way to make sales is having a well defined niche.

Look, one of my favorite people (Jocko Willink) says Discipline = Freedom... and God knows I tried to resist that idea... but it's true.

The more disciplined you are getting the shit done that matters, the quicker you'll have success and the quicker you'll be able to have the Freedom to do anything you want,

But if you just sit on your ass all day DREAMING of starting that business, then you'll never get to the freedom part cause you'll be stuck working some job you don't love.

And believe it or not, NICHING = FREEDOM.

When you niche down your offer, you attract more clients that actually want to BUY... which then gives you FREEDOM to use all of your gifts, knowledge, skills and experience to help those people.

You just want to get them in the door so you can help them... that's all a niche really does... get's someone in the door.


No one will want your lead magnets, and if they do, they won't actually buy anything from you (because they're not the right people)
Your coaching program and courses will be extremely difficult to sell (on other hand, if you DO nail your niche your programs will virtually sell themselves)
Facebook ads for sure won't work (please don't waste your money!)
Any attempts to grow organically with social content will fall flat (because you can't have a clear message without a clear niche!)
Worst of all - you wont be helping anyone - and the world needs your help!


Think of ANY online expert or authority you look up to. 

Chances are, you look up to them because they have what you want, right? Maybe it's the sold-out program, or the huge audience or the impact they are having.

But there's something else they have that you probably didn't notice (until now!)... they are really good at communicating what they do!

They use clear, specific and simple language to convey their expertise! 

I mean, can you show me ANY Thought Leader today who isn't known for something specific? ...that hasn't "niched down" into a specialized area of expertise?

You Can't!

Even Tony Robbins started with quit smoking seminars! 

And guess what, it's not a coincidence that all experts have that in common?!

NO! In fact, it's knowing their specific NICHE and communicating it the right way that allowed each of them to become the experts that they are today, and it can do the same for you!

Because if you're like most struggling entrepreneurs I meet, the BIGGEST HURDLE that keeps your business at a complete standstill is that super frustrating question:

“What the heck is my niche?”

When there's a problem, people seek out the SPECIALIST, not the generalist... because if you're THE authority... THE expert... you're considered the BEST>

And NO ONE can be the BEST at everything (not me, and not you!). But anyone CAN be GREAT at one thing… yes, you too!

I'm a multi-passionate person, so I get how hard niching down is... but it really is the key to success...

Which is why I created Nail Your Niche and am offering it at the VERY affordable investment of only $17.



A Proven Method for Combining Your Gifts, Knowledge and Experiences 

Into A Unique and Profitable Niche!

Uncover your unique niche, who you’re here to serve, and HOW to serve them
Discover how to create high-converting copy, crafts offers, and attract higher-paying clients
Finally, gain the clarity you crave around your expertise.
Learn how to actually reach MORE people and how most are going about it completely backwards
Know your niche... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

The Guarantee That Makes This A No-Brainer:

When you go through the course and get feedback from Casey via the Facebook group or Live Q&A, I guarantee you'll have clearly identified your NICHE... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

In other words, if you don’t know EXACTLY who you are here to help and how you help them after getting feedback from Casey, all you need to do is email Elle, my customer support specialist (and wife!), and I will happily refund 100% of your funds.

What the people are saying...

Are You Ready For Clarity?

Here's exactly what you're getting...

Instant access to Nail Your Niche On-Demand Video Training and Workbook. Learn my step-by-step framework to combine your gifts, knowledge and experience into a unique, in-demand niche that you LOVE - (Value: $147)
Lifetime access to all training via our secure portal
Bonus #1: Branding Bootcamp - A Short video training and workbook to help you uncover your brand message and voice, plus 64 beautiful canva brand boards so you can have a visual brand you're proud of in minutes instead of days or weeks. (Value: $47)
Bonus #2: Nail Your Niche LIVE Workshop, Q&A and Facebook community happening in May.  In case you get stuck nailing your niche, you'll be able to ask Casey questions live or in the Facebook group to make sure you finally nail your niche(Value: $197)

Total Value = $391

Regularly $49

Enroll Today For Only $17

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Nail Your Offer


The next step after nailing your niche is crafting your signature program and irresistible offer around it. 

In Nail Your Offer you'll get clear on...

- The 3-6 step transformation process you take your clients through that is unique to you! (stand out and attract your ideal clients)

- Create irresistible bonuses, price your offer just right and lock in your marketing message and copy

- Write your sales page in 60 minutes (templates included!)

- Client Onboarding Kit (templates for all the paperwork you need to prepare for working with your clients).

- The Client Getting Email Kit (templates to start getting you clients now)

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